Sustainable in SMLsystem

The Sustainable Concept is very extensive and includes the intervention and the detailed work of various fields, such as, passive strategies, active strategies, material analysis, water management, waste management, etc… SMLsystem works towards a balance between these determined variables the sustainability of the building: bioclimatic, water, materials, waste.



The bioclimatic paragraph is centralized in the definition of passive and semi-passive strategies applied to SMLsystem optimizing the available natural resources such as the sun, wind, vegetation etc. to minimize the environmental impact and reduce energy consumption. We have included the following passive strategies: Orientation, Thermal Mass, Solar protection and gain and natural ventilation.


Our objective for the water management of SMLsystem is to reduce, reuse and recycle. We propose the initial use of reduction strategies of water consumed in the house. Once this is achieved, a treatment system is used (which includes the generation of a pond) that allows us to recycle and reuse all of the grey water.


SMLsystem comprises mostly of wood, which besides being a fully recyclable material, allows us to drastically reduce the weight of the building. We have analyzed each of the chosen materials, compared them with those used in traditional construction, and have always choosen the most sustainable option. So we’ve established some criteria that we consider environmental, economic and social sustainability.


The best waste is waste that is not produced. This is the spirit of the SMLsystem. We applied this idea in every phase of our project, manufacture of materials, designing, construction and demolition. An exhaustive control in the design and choice of materials optimizes the use of the same, and this, together with prefabrication, reduces the amount of waste to a minimum. This will almost entirely be recyclable and reusable.


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