The engineering essence

Antonio Real, the Project EngineerFrom an Engineering point of view an effort has been made to provide the SMLsystem with the most energy efficient and sustainable appliances with no decrease in comfort conditions.

The domestic hot water is supplied by means of ultra high vacuum solar panels which provide annual demand coverage of nearly 100%. The ultra high vacuum technology has a high efficiency performance due to very low energy loses and a high ratio of diffuse radiation capture.

The solar photovoltaic installation is designed to provide annual global coverage over 100%. It consists of 21 high efficiency PV panels and two solar facades connected to a battery which will supply energy during night and periods with low solar energy or high demand. The whole installation is also connected to the grid in order to sell the excess energy or to buy it during long periods of low energy radiation.

Also the HVAC system has been designed to keep the comfort conditions with the lowest energy consume. Therefore a no inertial system with thermal accumulation has been designed for the SMLsystem. This system consists of a high efficiency heat pump connected to two Phase Change Material tanks for thermal energy accumulation. These tanks allow the heat pump to work at its best conditions and thus with its best performance ratio. The heat/cold supply to the house is carried out by means of radiators located under the floor. These radiators have a low thermal inertia, it means they need low energy to start working and very little energy is lost when they stop working.

The ventilation has been designed with a heat recovery of the rejected air of 92%. This means the ventilation will have a thermal cost of nearly zero.

Regarding the illumination, LED technology has been chosen for its low consume as well as for its long life duration.

Finally the white goods have been selected according to the European Union energy label, granting thus the most energy efficient performance.

All these systems will be controlled by means of a self-learning domotic system which will allow the user to fully control all the parameters of the house. Also the system will advise the user on the best parameters to choose based on former measurements (self-learning).

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