The module

The natural progress of the reflection on MODULE takes to us to return to raise three aspects on which they conditioned his determination:

1. Dimension

Concerning a house, relatively small, all our efforts turn upside down in obtaining the maximum yield of space experience on a condition of surface reduced by the own nature of the contest. Not losing of view the interest to again generate ample and seductive a space, we set out to re-interpretate the dimension of the module with which this is obtained.

In the SMLsystem proposal, the established modules prefabricated measure 3.60 m by 7.20 m to the maximum thus optimizing the conditions of transport, supposing as well a smaller number of meetings to assemble in the assembly process. Each of these modules will be transported completely equipped, being simply the union between modules like the unique action to develop in the implantation place. One of the advantages of these prefabricated modules is that each of them is able to lodge in its interior a certain program of the house, allowing to each proprietor to decide how many modules need to create the house that wishes. Inside these prefabricated modules we will locate others of scale inferior that lodge the humid nuclei and that finish forming the space defining the concrete functions of the interior.

The patio reinterpretado and has been reformulated supposing not only an element of illumination and ventilation but a more diffuse element and variable, able to redefine for each case, being granted itself transition functions that generate as much space situations very favorable as energetics.

2. Variability

SMLsystem again gives answer to an endless ones of possibilities within the house and is again a house to size and taste of the consumer. The present proposal improvement not only the number of possibilities but the code of combinations with which these are obtained.

SMLsystem allows to new relations between the modules type. Not only fruit will work on the growth to lean in parallel, but the back-to-back growth will be allowed, in sliding, turn and will open the possibility of generating elements of connection and/or emptinesses between different units. This way the reading on the system will be equal of clear, since it will continue being based on a module type, but to the user it will allow him toappreciatemany more forms to generate a house, not only that the variables of square meters or number of stays is those that conditiontheir decision.

The proposal maintains the interest generated by the insertion of the patio in the module, reformulating this concept and generating different possibilities that a passive element as this one can contribute to the comfort of the house, because no longer will be within the own module, but it will comprise of the same and she will be variable based on the chosen proposal, by means of movable elements that will allow the variation of their position. The proposal, as its name indicates, aspires to define a system not only of horizontal but also vertical aggregation, proposing an infinite growth through indefinite processes of aggregation generated from defined prefabricated elements.

3. Construction

SMLsystem approaches with solution the reflection on the material with which to be constructed. The needs derived from the reduction of weight, constructive agility and, coverall a reflection on the sustainability of the system takes to us to choose the wood like departure point, being this one a lighter and sustainable material able to assume and to participate in all the elements that construct to the module type and therefore the house.

Along with the wood, the project as much counts on the ceramics like the second material protagonist in the construction of the proposal, tie to nears space as to elements of protection outer, able to form the image of the proposal. Both are part of the Mediterranean traditional architecture and participate in the dialogue between tradition and innovation that this project raises.



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