A small number of simple shapes

Our society is changing, lifestyles and needs evolve while technologies and the means we have at our disposal improve.

The reality is that the diversity of occupational programmes and variety of the ways of life in today’s society, in Europe but particularly in Spain, find no answer in the existing housing market, which appears as a finished product far form the consumer’s needs.

SMLsystem is no longer a house to become system taking on the challenge of solving this problems and proposing new options for living.

The basic idea is to start with a small number of simple shapes and, therefore, likely to be produced in series and obtained by aggregating a large number of complex shapes.

SMLsystem gives answer to an endless ones of possibilities within the house and it lets a house to size and taste of the consumer. Then, the proposal offers not only a great number of possibilities but also the code of combinations with which these are obtained.

SMLsystem, as the name suggests, aims, from the definition of a module and by their combination, to define a system not only housing but also the horizontal and vertical aggregation, suggesting infinite growth through undefined processes aggregation generated from prefabricated elements defined.



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