SMLsystem is mainly made in wood, specifically it works with CLT (cross-laminated timber) panels, acting as structural elements, even in horizontal or vertical plan. The advantage of this structure system is that it gives an exceptional spatial freedom, allowing to group modules in the 3 axis (x,y,z), and with the intrinsic possibilities that a reinvented material as laminated wood has (like reaching more than 10 levels). With those changes we expect to be more competitive in the global market, where height edification has shown that is a proper way of cities growth.

An interesting research from the construction perspective was the design of the knots, in wood, which were thought to be easily assembled between them and being executed like a meccano. There were many options to develop them, but at the end we decided to assemble them with metal elements trying to get a construction system, with the idea of making an instructions sheet where the steps for assembling the elements in the correct way would be explained.

While in the interior are finishing all the details, on the top of the modules, the facilities pack will be placed and connected to the house, and also the engineering box situated on the exterior space will be connected to the house.

After details will be finished, furniture will enter in the house, giving to the space the habitability and finishing the construction.

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