SMLSystem is a proposal of house that funds its principles in the prefabrication and industrialization.

The terms of portability andassembly that the house should have, a philosophy of prefabrication has been followed all along. From the generated module, this unit grows by addition with dry joints. This unit has dimensions that respond primarily to transport and living conditions, taking advantage of the optimal dimensions of the truck. The proposed module in SMLsystem is 3.60 x 7.20m.

The unit or basic module consists entirely of prefabed and dry mounted materials, being the wood the predominant material in the SMLsystem, forming an entirely prefabricated whole. Each of these units are transported fully equipped, only in the absence of installation joints and the actual assembly between the pieces, giving special attention to air tightness and thermal bridges, an aspect that is studied from the initial design.

SMLSystem offers the personalization of the house to the user, as much in the configuration of the space, as in the election of some inner and external finishing, to create flexible, sustainable and industrialized homes is essential that can be managed, adapted and controlled throughout their life.


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