The Engineering Box

Our team has learned some lessons from SDE2010. One of them is that the engineering equipment that this contest requires occupies a large space of the house and also it is difficult to install during the house assembly as there are many teams working at a time.

For that reason we have decided to move almost all this equipment outside the house to what we have called the Engineering Box. Almost all the PV (except the panels) and the HVAC equipment has been placed in it. SMLsystem is conceived as a modular house and so is our Engineering Box. It will be divided in modules to ease the construction and assembly. Thus each part of the box can be installed separately and then linked to the house. Our aim is to design a “plug and play” Engineering Box.

The structure of the Box has been made in iron and will be covered with wood. This structure is already in our work place and now it is time to fill it with wires and pipes!!

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