Solar energy. Photovoltaic generators

A photovoltaic generator can be designed for a stand alone system or for a grid tie one, for SMLsystem the photovoltaic generators is a mix of both two. In a stand alone system the energy requirements is the start point of the design process. In a grid tie system the maximum available area. So, for design the SMLsystem photovoltaic generators the great effort is cover the energy needs occupying the minimum available area. Optimizing the maintenance operations: cleaning or changing the pv modules. The energy production of a photovoltaic generator depends on the peak power installed, the south position (azimuth) and of course the angle between the horizon and the sun position (slope). We will use 21 Sunpower 225 that are the best solution for guarantee the yearly energy production and a comfortable maintenance of the roof system. For minimize the shadow losses, the string configuration is designed for trying to keep always one string working alone in the early and latest hours of the day. The good design of a photovoltaic façade is more aesthetic than technical. The integration of the photovoltaic technology as a building material is the biggest issue of the architects minds.



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