The bioclimatic architecture of the design consists of the building taking into account the climatic conditions, taking advantage of the resources available (sun, vegetation, rain and wind) to reduce the environmental impact and reducingenergy consumption. To approach the bioclimatic conditions of any building we needbaseline data which is fundamental to begin the design process and optimize the benefits from the natural resources of the site. The SMLsystem is situated in Madrid in the Casa de Campo area.

Why is sustainable SMLsystem?

1- Beacuse it´s bioclimatic. We use natural ventilation, we take advantage of the sun in Winter an we protect from it in summer… and with all these measures, we reduce the demand.

2- Because we reduce water consumption with efficient appliances, using faucet aerators, taps with two fase openings, cisterns with 6l and half discharge… and because we reuse water.

3- Because of our use of materials. We use Wood from sustainable sources, and this Wood can also be reused and recycled.

4- Because it´s prefabricated, reducing solid waste, execution time, transportation, water use and it´s also easier to remove to reuse its components.

5- Because we harvest energy from the sun thoughout the whole year and every hour of every day it is stored for us to use when we need it.

6- Because it´s energy efficient, we reduce consuption with efficiet electrical appliances, with LED lighting, with an eficient HVAC system and with up to date domotics.


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