Energy efficiency

Energy analysis is an important tool that can help us make decisions on construction or control parameters. It can help us to compare different construction configurations and check their energetic impact. It can also be used to dimension the components such as insulation, HVAC system, etc.

CEU Valencia Team has used energy simulations for different purposes. First of all, an energy analysis of the passive behavior of the SMLsystem has been carried out to evaluate the effect of the shading components of the house (window shades and lattice). Also we have considered and analyzed the possibility of adding more insulation in some parts of the house. Regarding de HVAC system we have evaluated the thermal loads for both a yearly simulation and the simulation of the weeks of competition. Thus we had an excellent tool to choose the components of our HVAC system and size them. Finally we have studied the behavior of the house when the HVAC system is switched off. The evolution of the temperaturas inside the house has been used to set a strategy for the passive evaluation of the house.

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