Fast facts on WATER (I)

Hello again from the sustainability team! Today we have some fast facts on WATER!!

Our SMLsystem has had us work a lot on the house´s water demand and consumption. We began by analyzing water consumption in Spain focusing on Madrid and Valencia.


  • Spain´s total water footprint compared to the rest of the world is in the orange (the second worst category), with an average of 2,500-3,000 m³/yr/cap. We share this category with Brazil, Canada, Italy, Australia….
  • It takes approx. 70 litres of water to produce an apple. And  a kilo of beef…15,500 litres!!!!!!!!!!!! (ine 2005)
  • The use of water in Spain, divided by sectors goes like this: Industry 10%, Homes 12% and Agriculture at 75%. We do eat very well here! (ine 2005)
  • In 2006, the average Spaniard consumed 160 litres/day/person at an average cost of €1.08/m³, compared to 145 litres/person/day in 2009. (ine)
  • In 2007 Spain was rated no. 7 on the list of countries with the highest consumption of bottled mineral water, at 120 litres/person/year. United Arab Emirates is at no.1 consuming 260 litres/person/year. (int. bottled water association 2007)
  • In the average home the biggest consumer of water is the shower which uses an average of 50 litres per shower! A solution is needed!

Next time we´ll give you tips on how to save water in the home!!!


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