Architectonic integration

As before we counted are continuity elements that in the SMLsystem proposal acquire a fundamental character at the time of defining the architectonic project. The INTEGRATION of certain aspects pertaining to fields of the specific thing in the architecture passes to be the object of design over the module type and the generation of the possible houses from this one.

SMLsystem is a project that it tries from the beginning to integrate three technical areas in the configuration of his architecture; power criteria of sustainability, systems and engineering are in this material case of as main project as the program or the structure. The project will try therefore to be an answer to the specific thing, technically speaking, as much as to the generic thing, since it is continued reflecting on the fact to live.

In SML house the departure premises of this criterion of integration were opened and we could verify what supposed this in elements like the closing or the cover. But now in SMLsystem it is tried to do an all unitary one more than a reflection element to element. Thus, the present proposal proposes a different relation, where more than to conceive a conditional house by a considerable volume of facilities in its interior and, as well, a conditional volume of facilities by the little space that the house him reserve, now considers both organizations like independent elements. This allows that as much house as facilities are developed in the form and constructive rates that each needs within a global relation. Therefore, the element where the facilities are lodged will be external to the volume of the house, integrated in the location, allowing that the development and assembly of both organizations can happen of simultaneous and independent way, securing therefore a greater proyectual and constructive efficiency.

As far as sustainability criteria, from the module type to the laws of his SMLsystem aggregation it gives replaced to many more elements of implicit passive architecture in his generation. Systems bio-climatic liabilities, use of ecological materials or tools of traditional vernacular architecture are object of analysis to establish their integration, innovation and development.

Being important these three stages of each element that we incorporate. The direct use of something other people’s to the generation of the type would not have sense in a house that it tries to be integrating. The innovation is the perfect excuse that the contest offers to be able to undergo on new fields or new ways to apply known elements, and leads us to the development to the improvement of what already we have verified.

Thus, ventilations, generation of natural air convections by temperature differential, humidifiers or materials of change of phase are used as it bases fundamental on each passage of the design of the project.

An attempt to obtain that each element of the proposal of answer to more than three variables simultaneously makes us deepen in each of the used materials and its possibilities expensive to a competition of this level.

And in this case the integration effort also assumes the economic category like a fundamental requirement at the time of selecting and developing the prototype. SMLsystem is a work purified on a line from houses to taste of the consumer in size, configuration and cost.




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