House automation system

SMLsystem will be equipped with a house automation system, which will allow the user to control all the parameters that define the comfort and energetic conditions of the house. Also, by tracking the system’s energy usage, a 5% consume is guaranteed to be saved, just because of the fact that the user is being concerned about it. The system will be based on three characteristics: accessibility, advice and learning. Our house automation system will allow the user to interact with the house in many ways:

_ Tablet: It will allow full control on most aspects of the house, from heating to opening windows. Also controlling energy usage.

_ Mobile phone: in addition to the tablet’s characteristics, we will provide visitors of the house with a special demonstration of the program that will allow them to track energy usage.

_ Computer: It can be used to control each aspect of the house from a single spot in the house.

_ Manually: It’s ensured that direct control will be easy to perform, as well as easy maintenance.


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