SMLsystem was born from the investigation of the House SMLhouse (Small, Medium and Large) proposed in the Solar Decathlon 2010 Edition. SMLsystem returns to prefabrication as a starting point to respond to the new ways of inhabiting.

The House is characterised by its modulation efficiency by industrialization, facilitating its construction, handling, transport and energy. The system allows horizontal growth (single-family) and vertical growth (collective housing) responding to the varied life systems that coexist in the European and Spanish society.

SMLsystem proposes a new way of understanding housing. It allows the user to configure the space according to their needs by making a catalogue of prefabricated elements available. Following needs, the system makes available two catalogues of prefabricated compatible components: 1) the system enclosure, structure and configuration of the dwelling as perimeter; and 2) prefabricated ‘box’ element off kitchen and bathroom as inside space distribution.

In SMLsystem the inclusion of the courtyard is not part of the constructive unit as an element, but it is projected in guidance and relationship between modules, so it varies in length, being an extension from the facade. The courtyard plays an important role in the composition and conditioning of the housing. The courtyard acts as a passive system of energy-saving and using the facades horizontal louvres, increases its effectiveness. This will reduce the excess radiation at certain times of the day, as well as shade and offer more privacy to the housing.