Industrialization and market viability

SMLsystem, a system designed to change

The proposal, SMLsystem, as its name indicates, proposes a housing system that covers all possible sizes (Small, Medium, Large) of housing as well as systems of growth (both horizontal and vertical). The living space presented in the competition is the Medium possibility that the system allows.

The presented system proposes the participation of the user in the entire process of the project, allowing you to make the user feel responsible for his transformation and maintenance. This is possibly thanks to the catalogue of components of the system. You choose the components and the provision of these setting up their own homes as well.

It has opted for an open and modular design that allows us to industrialize throughout the construction process and therefore improve the environmental performance, achieve greater control of industrial resources and waste generated, obtain greater economic efficiency and better working conditions. All reinvested in greater precision in the execution of the construction process.