Reducing energy demand is the main objective of SMLsystem. Passive systems incorporated into its design allow to minimize the need for and dependence on active systems for cooling and heating of the house. In other hand, efficiency of active systems optimizes the use of energy and reduces demand. For the HVAC system, a heat pump combined with a Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system has been chosen. For the optimization of consumption compared to generation, we used a DOMOTIC PREDICTION SYSTEM. The Learning Ability of the system will allow it to predict the behaviour of the user based on past behaviors to displace consumption and optimizing the generation. This automation system will monitor air quality, humidity, etc., activating the corresponding systems, ventilation for air exchange, air conditioning… The project will also have an LED lighting Interaction with intelligent home automation system which will regulate the levels of lighting intensity depending on the needs at all times. The use of high efficiency appliances as well as proper use of them, also reduces the energy demand of the SMLsystem.